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We are pleased to introduce ‘SKEY PRODUCTS’ as a reputed manufacturer of LUBOMATIC™ Make Centralized Lubrication Systems in Oil, Grease, Mist lubrication, Multipoint, Air-Oil,O.C.S. Lubrication systems.

We are manufacturing these products since last 26 years at PUNE M.I.D.C. Industrial Area.

The main object of lubrication is to separate moving metallic parts by inserting a layer of fluid between them in the form of a thin film which reduces friction.

An un-lubricated sliding part creates tremendous friction that needs great amount of power to move, slide or separate them. If friction reached the critical level, the heat will fuse the parts and will cause seizure that will ultimately bond the parts or burn them beyond use.

Adequate lubrication also helps to prevent foreign material from entering the bearings and guards against corrosion and rusting. Satisfactory bearing performance can be achieved by adopting the lubricating method that is most suitable for the particular application and operating conditions.

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Basic Information

Company Name :
Skey Products
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Key Products We Sell:
Lubrication System, Multipoint Oil or Grease Lubrication System, Mist Lubrication System, Air Oil Lubrication System, Conveyor Lubrication System, Oil Circulatory Systems, Progressive Distribution Blocks For Oil or Grease Lubricatio, Orifice Controlled Metering Valve, Metering Cartridges
Year Of Establishment:
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No. Of Employees:
11 to 50

Factory Information

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Anand Patil
( Partner )